In an age where sharing economy and collaborative living are becoming increasingly popular, individuals are finding innovative ways to make their living spaces more comfortable for both homeowners and tenants. One such creative solution emerged when a homeowner decided to rent out a room in his house while prioritizing the tenant’s privacy through the installation of a personal entrance. This unique approach not only addressed the challenges of shared living but also showcased the power of community connections, as the opportunity arose through a Facebook post.

The Challenge:

The client faced the challenge of striking a balance between generating additional income by renting out a room and ensuring the privacy and comfort of both parties involved. Traditional shared living arrangements often involve shared entrances and common spaces, which can lead to a lack of privacy and potential discomfort for tenants. To overcome these challenges, the homeowner sought a solution that would allow the tenant to have their own private space with a dedicated entrance.

The Facebook Connection:

In the era of social media, particularly on platforms like Facebook, individuals are increasingly turning to online communities to find solutions to their unique problems. In this case, the homeowner posted about the room for rent in a local Facebook group. The post not only garnered attention from potential tenants but also attracted individuals who appreciated the creativity of the privacy solution.

The Innovative Solution:

The key innovation in this case was the provision of a personal entrance for the tenant. Instead of the conventional shared entryway, the homeowner decided to invest in creating a separate door that would lead directly into the rented room. This ensured that the tenant could come and go without disturbing the rest of the household, fostering a sense of autonomy and privacy.

Benefits of the Personal Entrance:

  1. Enhanced Privacy: The most significant advantage of this solution is the enhanced privacy it provides to the tenant. With a dedicated entrance, they can maintain a separate and private living space without the need to navigate shared areas.
  2. Flexibility and Independence: The tenant gains a greater sense of independence and flexibility in their daily routine. They can enter and exit their living space without inconveniencing others in the household.
  3. Reduced Disruption: For the homeowner, this solution minimizes disruptions to their daily life. The shared living arrangement is more harmonious as the tenant has their own entryway, reducing the potential for conflicts over shared spaces.
  4. Attracting Quality Tenants: The unique feature of a personal entrance makes the room more attractive to potential tenants. Those who prioritize privacy and independence are likely to see this arrangement as a desirable living option.


This case of renting out a room with a personal entrance exemplifies the creativity and adaptability emerging in the realm of shared living. By utilizing a social media platform like Facebook, the homeowner was not only able to find a suitable tenant but also attracted attention for their innovative approach to privacy. As the housing landscape continues to evolve, solutions like these showcase the potential for collaborative and community-driven living arrangements that prioritize both privacy and shared spaces.

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