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Waking up to a flooded house due to a hidden leak can quickly turn a minor issue into a major financial setback. With Dust Homes’ Smart Service Box, you can prevent such nightmares. This comprehensive solution serves as your home’s lifeguard

  • Personalized Property Map
  • Handy Tools
  • Easy to Integrate With Your Property Portal

Don’t wait for an emergency – be proactive. Dust Homes’ Smart Service Box is your key to a safer, smarter home. Elevate your living experience by integrating it with our Smart Property Portal for a comprehensive home management solution.

Safeguard Your Home with Dust Homes’ Smart Service Box

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Don’t need the service box?

Easily access your portal with our qr code magnets! (4×4)

If you think you might not need to service box but still would like a way to easily access your property portal at all times. Order one of our magnets so you can place them where ever you feel will be an easy way to remember to always keep all records safe from your property.

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